nyc snow...

corporate wildlife spotted doing some last minute Christmas shopping in midtown.

Chinatown wildlife

bhudda's hand = creepiest fruit ever


It's November 4th 2008 and i'm in line...

floor patterns on 5th ave

leaf peeping in prospect park

inky liked her Halloween costume.

alex and cat

Dave getting his head stabbed with a joke knife.

Lauren Patty Hurst

Speed Racer, Lumber Jack, and Patty Hurst. (aka: Ali, Christa, and Lauren.)

Halloween 2008 with Beth and Coleen. I'm Dr.Frankenstein Veteranarian.

beth and her awesome hair

mysterious yellow train at 2nd ave

Chelsea market halloween spooks

another photo of banksy's animatronic bunny.

my office in NYC as seen from the Hudson river. it's the black one
with the brown stripes.

mysterious tower near Sleepy Hollow cemetary.

Indian point nuclear facility as seen from the Hudson river.

We went on a boat ride up the Hudson last weekend. one highlight was
the ruined castle on bannerman island.

lauren waiting for the f train

99 cent store toy hopping bunnies with glowing eyes.

self portrait a la iPhone 

red cat in front of the maritime museum at the southstreet seaport.


The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill opened near my work last week.  It's a mock pet store created by the uk artist  Banksy with animatronic "animals".  Still photos don't really do it justice so look it up on you tube for clips.  It's amazing.
chicken McNuggets pecking dipping sauce and sausage snakes slithering in tanks
fish stick fish swimming realistically in a globe and a creepy chimp watching other chimps "getting busy" on a tv.  It's in Manhattan on 7th ave between bleeker and west 4th.

Lovecraft window display in Providence RI.

dave and earl's band oars at zebulon thursday.

dinner at dumont and drinks at barcade for Alex's birthday

sick cakes in an east village window. this one appeared to be long past it's expiration date.

rat fail

experienced "mp3 experiment #5" today on governors island.

Built to Spill last night.

I took this photo in redhook and for some reason it came out all blocky like this. must have been some sort of glitch with my phone. odd.

cranes in redhook